No. #134

Social Comparison Bias
- Comparing with Others

Social comparison bias is the tendency to dislike or feel competitive towards others who may possess abilities or qualities that individuals wish to have, affecting personal and professional relationships. This can influence user engagement on social platforms, professional networks, and any environment where comparison between users is facilitated or unavoidable.

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Product example

Users of a social fitness app may feel demotivated or envious when seeing others post about their achievements, affecting their own participation and self-esteem.

Empathy tips


Promote Positive Engagement

Encourage positive engagement and support among users to foster a collaborative rather than competitive environment.


Highlight Personal Progress

Focus on personal progress and achievements rather than direct comparison with others.


Customizable Visibility

Allow users to customize the visibility of others' achievements to manage comparison triggers.


Community Building Activities

Organize activities that build community and collective achievement rather than individual competition.

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