No. #50

- Moral Credential Effect

Self-licensing is a cognitive bias that occurs when people allow themselves to indulge after doing something good, as if the good deed gave them a 'license' to act in a way that might be considered negative. This can impact user behavior in apps that track habits or goals, leading to counterproductive actions after positive achievements.

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Product example

Users of a diet tracking app might indulge in unhealthy eating after achieving a goal, justified by their prior 'good' behavior.

Empathy tips


Set Balanced Goals

Help users set balanced goals that account for natural fluctuations in behavior.


Progress Tracking

Implement nuanced progress tracking that discourages the 'all or nothing' mindset.


Continuous Motivation

Provide continuous motivation and reminders of long-term goals beyond the immediate achievements.


Educational Content

Offer content that educates users about the self-licensing bias and how to manage it.

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