No. #131

Reverse Psychology
- Encouraging Behavior by Advocating Opposite

Reverse psychology involves advocating for the opposite of the desired behavior, with the expectation that the reverse suggestion will encourage the behavior. This can be a tricky strategy in marketing and parenting apps, where indirect encouragement might be used to prompt desired outcomes.

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Product example

A fitness app might challenge users with 'I bet you can’t complete this workout five days in a row,' to motivate them to prove the app wrong.

Empathy tips


Use Sparingly

Use reverse psychology sparingly, as overuse can lead to mistrust or confusion.


Clear Intention

Ensure the intention behind using reverse psychology is clear and ethical.


User Understanding

Gauge the user base's receptiveness to such strategies through testing.


Monitor Outcomes

Closely monitor the outcomes of using reverse psychology to ensure it’s having the intended effect.

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