No. #161

Recency Effect
- Last Items Remembered Better

The recency effect, also part of the serial-position effect, describes the tendency for individuals to remember the last items in a series more effectively than those appearing in the middle. This bias can impact user experiences in areas such as advertising, list-based tasks, and information retrieval, influencing memory and decision-making processes.

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Product example

Users may remember the last items they see in a list of product features more clearly, influencing their purchasing decisions.

Empathy tips


Emphasize Conclusion Points

Emphasize key points or calls to action at the end of content to leverage the recency effect.


Clear Summaries

Provide clear summaries at the end of documents or presentations.


Timely Information Presentation

Present crucial information close to decision points or actions to enhance its impact.


Feedback and Recall Enhancement

Use feedback mechanisms to reinforce information presented earlier, balancing the primacy and recency effects.

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