No. #64

Reactive Devaluation
- Undervaluing Opposing Offers

Reactive devaluation is the tendency to devalue proposals or offers merely because they originate from a perceived adversary. This can affect negotiations and partnerships in business, where offers from competitors or opposing parties are undervalued without objective assessment.

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Product example

A company may reject a partnership offer with a competitor that could be beneficial, due to the source of the offer.

Empathy tips


Objective Evaluation Processes

Establish objective criteria for evaluating all offers and proposals, regardless of the source.


Awareness and Training

Train teams on the impact of reactive devaluation and the importance of objective assessment.


Third-Party Mediation

Use third-party mediation to evaluate offers and proposals to ensure fairness.


Feedback Loop for Offers

Create a structured feedback loop that allows for the reevaluation of initially rejected offers.

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