No. #92

Projection Bias
- Misjudging Future Preferences

Projection bias is the tendency to project current preferences onto a future event, underestimating how much one's taste will change over time. This can lead to designing products or features based on what users like now, without considering how trends or user preferences might evolve.

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Product example

Designing a fitness app's features based on current health trends without considering how these trends might change could lead to decreased relevance over time.

Empathy tips


Anticipate Preference Changes

Design products with the flexibility to adapt to changing user preferences.


Long-term User Research

Conduct long-term research to understand how user preferences evolve over time.


Adaptive Features

Incorporate adaptive features that can be updated or modified to fit future trends.


Educate About Bias

Educate the design team about projection bias to mitigate its effects on product development.

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