No. #127

Processing Difficulty Effect
- Challenge in Processing as Negative

The processing difficulty effect refers to the tendency of people to view information that is difficult to process as less favorable or true. This can impact user experience and perception of product usability, particularly in educational or information-dense applications where complex information might be presented.

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Product example

Users may view an educational app that presents information in a complex, dense format as less effective or valuable, even if the content is high quality.

Empathy tips


Simplify Information Presentation

Work to simplify the presentation of complex information without reducing its quality or depth.


Use of Visuals and Breakdowns

Incorporate visuals and breakdown complex information into smaller, digestible parts.


User Feedback on Clarity

Gather user feedback specifically regarding the clarity and ease of processing of information.


Iterative Testing for Understanding

Conduct iterative testing to find the optimal balance between simplicity and depth of information.

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