No. #91

Pro-innovation Bias
- Favoring Innovations

Pro-innovation bias is the belief that an innovation should be adopted by whole society without the need of its adaptation to particular needs. It can lead to overlooking potential downsides or mismatches between the product and user needs, resulting in products that are innovative but not necessarily useful or accessible to all potential users.

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Product example

A tech company may push for the adoption of a new communication tool that, while innovative, doesn't align with the actual needs or habits of its user base.

Empathy tips


User-Centered Innovation

Focus on user-centered innovation that meets real needs.


Diverse User Testing

Conduct testing with a diverse group of users to ensure broad usability.


Feedback Integration

Integrate feedback into the development process to address potential mismatches.


Adaptation Over Adoption

Emphasize adaptation of innovations to fit user contexts over blanket adoption.

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