No. #160

Primacy Effect
- First Items Remembered Better

The primacy effect is part of the serial-position effect, where individuals tend to remember items at the beginning of a list better than those in the middle or end. This can influence how information is consumed and recalled in educational materials, presentations, and user interfaces, impacting the effectiveness of communication and learning.

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Product example

In app tutorials, users may better remember the first few instructions provided but forget later ones, affecting their ability to use the app effectively.

Empathy tips


Strategic Information Placement

Place critical information at the beginning of lists or presentations to take advantage of the primacy effect.


Repetition of Important Information

Repeat important information throughout a presentation or interface to ensure retention.


Segmented Information Delivery

Break information into smaller, manageable segments to minimize the impact of position on recall.


User Engagement Techniques

Engage users actively throughout the experience to enhance overall recall.

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