No. #151

- Preconceived Opinion Not Based on Reason

Prejudice involves forming a preconceived opinion or judgment about something or someone without adequate information or experience. This bias can significantly impact social interactions, hiring practices, and customer service, leading to unfair treatment or discrimination based on unfounded beliefs.

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Product example

In online marketplaces, sellers or buyers may make assumptions about others based on their profiles or reviews, affecting transactions and interactions negatively.

Empathy tips


Promote Diversity and Inclusion

Implement policies and practices that promote diversity and inclusion across platforms.


Educational Campaigns

Conduct educational campaigns to raise awareness about the impact of prejudice and encourage open-mindedness.


Bias Reporting Tools

Provide tools for users to report instances of prejudice or discrimination.


Review and Moderation Processes

Establish review and moderation processes to address prejudicial behavior and content.

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