No. #114

Peltzman Effect
- Safety Measures Leading to Riskier Behavior

The Peltzman Effect is a specific type of risk compensation that suggests the introduction of safety measures can lead to riskier behavior because people feel more protected. This effect can challenge the design of products and environments intended to enhance safety, as the perceived increase in safety can lead to a decrease in cautious behavior.

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Product example

Enhancements in protective gear for sports might lead athletes to take greater risks, potentially negating the safety benefits of the gear.

Empathy tips


Balance Safety and Risk Awareness

Balance safety feature enhancements with education on risk awareness.


User Training on Safety Features

Provide comprehensive user training on the intended use of safety features.


Feedback Systems for Safety

Implement feedback systems to understand how safety features affect user behavior.


Adaptive Safety Messaging

Adapt safety messaging to counteract potential increases in risk-taking behavior.

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