No. #162

Part-set Cuing Effect
- Cueing Hinders Recall

The part-set cuing effect occurs when providing part of a set of items as cues hinders the recall of the remaining items. This can affect learning and memory tasks, especially in educational settings or in user interfaces where users must recall information from a partially visible set.

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Product example

Displaying a partial list of past transactions in a finance app may make it harder for users to recall other transactions not shown, affecting their perception of their spending or earning.

Empathy tips


Minimize Cues for Comprehensive Recall

Limit the use of partial sets as cues when comprehensive recall is important.


Full Set Visibility Options

Provide options for users to view full sets of information where possible to aid recall.


Training on Effective Recall Strategies

Offer training or tips on effective recall strategies that mitigate the part-set cuing effect.


Adaptive Interface Design

Design interfaces to adaptively reveal information in a way that supports rather than hinders memory recall.

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