No. #84

Outcome Bias
- Judging Decisions by Results

Outcome bias involves judging a decision based on its outcome rather than how the decision was made in the moment. This can affect evaluations of product strategies or features, potentially penalizing good decision-making that led to unfavorable outcomes by chance.

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Product example

A well-researched feature that underperforms might be seen as a poor decision, ignoring the quality of the decision-making process.

Empathy tips


Focus on Process

Emphasize the importance of the decision-making process over outcomes in evaluations.


Educate on Bias

Educate teams on the nature of outcome bias and its impact on assessment.


Process Documentation

Encourage thorough documentation of decision-making processes.


Separate Outcome and Decision Evaluation

Create separate evaluations for outcomes and the decisions leading to them to ensure fair assessment.

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