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Next-in-Line Effect
- Reduced Recall for Information Just Before One's Turn

The next-in-line effect describes the phenomenon where people have poorer recall for events and information right before it is their turn to perform in a sequence. This can affect learning and retention in group settings or any situation where individuals await their turn to speak or act, as preoccupation with one's own performance can detract from information processing.

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Product example

In collaborative brainstorming sessions or meetings, participants might remember less about what was said immediately before their turn to contribute.

Empathy tips


Structure Group Interactions

Structure group interactions to minimize pressure on individuals waiting for their turn.


Preparation Time

Allow adequate preparation time before an individual’s turn to reduce preoccupation with personal performance.


Record Sessions for Review

Provide recordings of sessions for review, to help mitigate the effects of decreased recall.


Encourage Note-taking

Encourage active note-taking to enhance focus and memory retention during group interactions.

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