No. #36

Naïve Realism
- The Belief in Objective Perception

Naïve realism is the tendency to believe that we see the world objectively, and that people who disagree with us must be uninformed, irrational, or biased. This can affect user research and design thinking, leading to products that are less inclusive of diverse user perspectives.

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Product example

Designers might dismiss user feedback that contradicts their vision for the product, assuming their own view is the 'correct' one.

Empathy tips


Challenge Assumptions

Actively challenge the assumption that your perspective is the only correct one.


Seek Diverse Feedback

Actively seek out and consider feedback from a diverse range of users.


Encourage Empathy

Cultivate empathy within teams to better understand differing viewpoints.


Expand User Research

Broaden user research methodologies to capture a wider array of perspectives.

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