No. #69

Murphy's Law
- Expecting the Worst Outcome

Murphy's Law isn't strictly a cognitive bias but often cited humorously to express the idea that if something can go wrong, it will. In product design and user experience, considering Murphy's Law can help in anticipating and mitigating potential points of failure.

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Product example

Designing a user interface that assumes user errors will happen and making it easy to recover from these errors can enhance the user experience.

Empathy tips


Design for Error Recovery

Incorporate design elements that make it easy for users to recover from errors.


Anticipate User Errors

Anticipate potential user errors and design to prevent or mitigate their impact.


User Feedback Loops

Create feedback loops that allow users to report issues or errors easily.


Iterative Testing

Conduct iterative testing to identify and address potential points of failure before they affect users.

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