No. #85

Moral Luck
- Outcome Affects Moral Judgment

Moral luck occurs when an agent is assigned moral praise or blame for an action or its outcomes, even if the agent had no control over those outcomes. This bias can influence user feedback on product ethics or corporate responsibility, affecting brand perception based on outcomes beyond control.

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Product example

A company might be blamed or praised for environmental effects closely tied to unforeseeable supply chain disruptions.

Empathy tips


Transparent Communication

Communicate transparently about efforts and challenges in areas of ethics and responsibility.


Stress Effort and Intent

Highlight the efforts and intentions behind company actions, not just the outcomes.


Engage in Dialogue

Engage in open dialogue with users and stakeholders about the complexities of moral judgments in business.


Educational Content

Provide educational content on the concept of moral luck and its relevance to product and company evaluations.

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