No. #155

Misinformation Effect
- Memory Distortion by Misleading Information

The misinformation effect occurs when a person's recall of episodic memories becomes less accurate because of post-event information. This can significantly impact areas such as eyewitness testimony, consumer reviews, and historical accounts, where subsequent information can alter an individual's recollection of events.

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Product example

Users might recall a product experience differently after reading misleading reviews or advertisements, affecting their perception and future decisions.

Empathy tips


Counteract Misinformation

Provide clear, accurate information to counteract potential misinformation effects.


Corrective Information

Promptly offer corrective information when misinformation is identified.


User Education on Critical Assessment

Educate users on critically assessing information and the potential for memory distortion.


Feedback Mechanisms for Accuracy

Implement feedback mechanisms to identify and correct inaccuracies in user-reported information.

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