No. #144

Misattribution of Memory
- Incorrect Source Attribution

Misattribution of memory involves incorrectly attributing a memory to the wrong source, affecting how individuals recall and trust their memories. This can influence user interactions with content, branding, and experiences, where users may attribute their feelings or knowledge about a product to incorrect experiences.

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Product example

A user might associate a positive feeling with a brand due to an ad they can't consciously recall, affecting their loyalty and purchasing behavior.

Empathy tips


Clarify Content Origins

Ensure that the origin of content, ads, and messages is clear to prevent misattribution.


Reinforce Brand Experiences

Reinforce brand experiences through consistent messaging and visuals to strengthen correct attributions.


User Feedback on Memories

Collect user feedback to understand how they attribute their memories of the product or brand.


Educate on Memory Bias

Provide information on memory biases to help users understand how their perceptions may be influenced.

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