No. #66

Mental Accounting
- Categorizing Spending Illogically

Mental accounting refers to the tendency for people to separate their money into different accounts based on a variety of subjective criteria, such as the source of the money or its intended use. This can influence how users perceive and interact with financial applications or e-commerce platforms, potentially affecting their spending behavior.

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Product example

Users might be more willing to spend 'bonus' money in a gaming app than their regular income, affecting in-app purchase strategies.

Empathy tips


Customize Budgeting Features

Offer customizable budgeting features that acknowledge users' mental accounting tendencies.


Educational Content

Provide educational content on financial literacy that addresses mental accounting.


User-Specific Recommendations

Use user data to make personalized recommendations that align with their spending habits.


Feedback on Spending Patterns

Give users feedback on their spending patterns to help them recognize mental accounting biases.

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