No. #164

Levels-of-Processing Effect
- Depth of Processing Influences Memory

The levels-of-processing effect posits that memory retention is directly related to the depth at which information is processed. Deeper, more meaningful processing of information leads to better retention compared to shallow, superficial processing. This principle impacts educational strategies, user interface design, and content creation, where engaging users in meaningful interaction with information can enhance learning and recall.

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Product example

An e-learning platform that encourages users to apply concepts in practical scenarios may see better long-term retention than one that relies on rote memorization.

Empathy tips


Encourage Deep Engagement

Design content and interfaces to encourage deep, meaningful engagement with information.


Interactive Learning Activities

Incorporate interactive learning activities that require critical thinking and application.


Feedback on Understanding

Provide feedback that helps users reflect on their understanding and processing of information.


Adapt Content Presentation

Adapt content presentation to facilitate deeper levels of processing and engagement.

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