No. #154

Leveling and Sharpening
- Memory Distortion Over Time

Leveling and sharpening refer to the ways memories are distorted over time: leveling involves the loss of details, while sharpening involves emphasizing certain details, often at the expense of others. This can influence how users recall their experiences with a product or service, affecting brand perception and loyalty.

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Product example

Over time, users may forget the specifics of a customer service issue (leveling) but remember the resolution provided (sharpening), affecting their overall brand loyalty.

Empathy tips


Encourage Detailed Documentation

Encourage users to document their experiences in detail to mitigate leveling.


Highlight Key Features and Benefits

Regularly highlight key features and benefits of your product or service to influence what gets sharpened in memory.


User Feedback on Memories

Collect user feedback on their memories of experiences to understand leveling and sharpening effects.


Adaptive Communication Strategies

Adapt communication strategies based on understanding of how users' memories of experiences may change over time.

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