No. #143

Less-is-Better Effect
- Lesser Quantity Preferred Over More

The less-is-better effect is a cognitive bias where a lesser quantity is preferred over a greater one when evaluated separately. This can impact consumer behavior and product valuation, leading to scenarios where individuals value smaller packages or services more highly than larger ones, even if the larger option offers a better value per unit.

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Product example

Users might prefer buying a smaller package of a product at a higher unit price over a larger, more economical package because the smaller package seems more manageable or premium.

Empathy tips


Highlight Value Comparisons

Provide clear comparisons to highlight the value of larger quantities over smaller ones.


Consumer Education on Unit Pricing

Educate consumers on the importance of evaluating unit pricing when making purchasing decisions.


Simplify Choice Architecture

Design choice architectures that simplify the comparison process for users.


Offer Tailored Options

Offer tailored options that meet the needs of different user segments to counteract the bias.

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