No. #137

Information Bias
- Seeking Irrelevant Information

Information bias is the tendency to seek information even when it cannot affect action. This bias can lead to overloading users with unnecessary data, complicating decision-making processes or distracting from important actions.

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Product example

A health app might provide users with an overwhelming amount of data about their activity levels, sleep patterns, and nutrition, much of which may not be actionable or relevant to their goals.

Empathy tips


Streamline Information Presentation

Streamline the presentation of information to focus on what is most relevant and actionable for users.


User-Centric Customization

Allow users to customize the information they receive to match their specific needs and goals.


Highlight Actionable Insights

Emphasize actionable insights over raw data.


Educate on Effective Use of Information

Provide guidance on how to effectively use and interpret the information provided for better decision-making.

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