No. #150

Implicit Stereotype
- Unconscious Association and Beliefs

Implicit stereotypes are unconscious associations and beliefs that can affect perceptions, actions, and decisions, without the individual being aware of their influence. This bias can impact user interaction with products and services, especially in areas where stereotypes about certain groups may affect the user experience or inclusivity.

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Product example

A job recruitment platform might inadvertently favor certain demographics over others based on implicit stereotypes held by employers, affecting the fairness of the recruitment process.

Empathy tips


Awareness and Bias Training

Conduct training for teams on implicit stereotypes and their impact on product design and user experience.


Diverse User Testing

Ensure user testing includes diverse groups to identify and address potential biases.


Algorithmic Fairness Checks

Review and adjust algorithms and processes for fairness to minimize the impact of implicit stereotypes.


Inclusive Design Principles

Adopt inclusive design principles that actively counteract stereotyping and promote diversity.

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