No. #107

Illusion of Control
- Overestimating Personal Influence

The illusion of control is the tendency for people to overestimate their ability to control events, leading to an unrealistic sense of influence over outcomes that are largely determined by chance. This can impact user engagement with products, especially those involving elements of chance or risk.

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Product example

Users of gambling or investment apps may believe they can influence outcomes through skill or strategy, when in fact, they are highly dependent on chance.

Empathy tips


Clarify Limits of Control

Clearly communicate the limits of user control over outcomes in products.


Risk Awareness Education

Provide educational content on the nature of risk and chance.


Encourage Responsible Use

Promote responsible use of apps or features that involve elements of chance.


User Support and Resources

Offer support and resources for users who may overestimate their control, including links to external help if necessary.

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