No. #117

Identifiable Victim Effect
- Empathy Towards Specific Individuals

The identifiable victim effect occurs when people are more moved to help individuals with known identities than a large, vaguely defined group with the same needs. This can influence user engagement with campaigns or features aimed at charitable causes or social issues.

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Product example

A crowdfunding platform may find that campaigns with personal stories and specific details raise more funds than those representing broader issues.

Empathy tips


Highlight Individual Stories

Use individual stories to generate empathy and engagement in social or charitable campaigns.


Balance with Broader Impact

While highlighting individual stories, also communicate the broader impact of users’ contributions.


User Choice in Contributions

Provide users with the choice to contribute to specific individuals or broader causes.


Educate on Collective Impact

Educate users about the importance and impact of supporting broader causes alongside identifiable victims.

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