No. #115

Hyperbolic Discounting
- Preferring Immediate Rewards

Hyperbolic discounting describes the tendency for people to prefer smaller, immediate rewards to larger, later rewards. This bias can influence user behavior in applications that offer delayed gratification, leading to challenges in motivating long-term engagement or investment.

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Product example

Users may choose quick, less beneficial options in a finance app instead of investing in options with higher long-term returns.

Empathy tips


Encourage Delayed Gratification

Implement features that incentivize delayed gratification and highlight long-term benefits.


Gradual Reward Systems

Design reward systems that offer gradual benefits to keep users engaged over time.


Educate on Impacts

Educate users on the impact of hyperbolic discounting on decision-making.


Personalized Goals and Reminders

Use personalized goals and reminders to help users focus on long-term rewards.

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