No. #109

Fundamental Attribution Error
- Misattributing Behaviors

The fundamental attribution error is the tendency to attribute others' behaviors to their character rather than to situational factors, while giving oneself a pass for similar behaviors due to external circumstances. This can lead to misunderstandings and misjudgments in social interactions, teamwork, and user feedback interpretation.

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Product example

A product manager might attribute negative user feedback to users not understanding the product, rather than considering situational factors like poor usability or design flaws.

Empathy tips


Promote Situational Awareness

Encourage awareness of situational factors that might influence behavior or feedback.


Objective Review Processes

Implement objective processes for reviewing feedback and behaviors to avoid bias.


Educate on Attribution

Educate teams on the fundamental attribution error and its impact on interpersonal and user relations.


Encourage Perspective Taking

Facilitate exercises or discussions that promote perspective taking to understand the situational factors affecting others.

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