No. #152

Fading Affect Bias
- Diminishing Emotional Impact Over Time

The fading affect bias describes the phenomenon where the emotional impact of negative memories fades faster than that of positive memories. This can influence how users remember their experiences with a product or service, potentially affecting long-term customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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Product example

Users may remember the positive aspects of an event or interaction with a service more readily over time, contributing to overall satisfaction.

Empathy tips


Encourage Positive Experiences

Focus on creating and encouraging positive user experiences to leverage the fading affect bias.


Feedback Mechanisms for Negative Experiences

Implement immediate feedback mechanisms for negative experiences to address and mitigate them quickly.


Long-Term Engagement Strategies

Develop long-term engagement strategies that build positive memories and associations with the brand.


User Experience Monitoring

Monitor user experiences over time to understand and enhance the impact of positive versus negative interactions.

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