No. #78

Extrinsic Incentives Bias
- Misjudging Motivation

The extrinsic incentives bias is the tendency to overestimate the influence of extrinsic incentives on other people’s behavior and to underestimate the influence of intrinsic incentives. This can affect how products are designed to motivate user behavior, potentially neglecting the importance of intrinsic motivation.

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Product example

A fitness app might focus too much on rewards for exercise, ignoring the intrinsic motivation users have for health and well-being.

Empathy tips


Balance Incentives

Balance extrinsic and intrinsic incentives within product features to motivate users.


Understand User Motivations

Conduct research to understand the intrinsic motivations of your users.


Personalized Goals

Offer personalized goal-setting that aligns with users’ intrinsic motivations.


Feedback on Progress

Provide feedback that highlights intrinsic rewards of user actions.

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