No. #119

Escalation of Commitment
- Doubling Down on Decisions

Escalation of commitment refers to an increased commitment to a previous decision in spite of negative information. This is related to the sunk cost fallacy and can lead to further investment in failing projects, products, or strategies due to the commitment already made.

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Product example

A development team might continue investing in a feature that users do not find valuable, simply because significant resources have already been allocated to its development.

Empathy tips


Promote Flexible Strategies

Encourage flexibility in strategies and the willingness to pivot when necessary.


Objective Evaluation Mechanisms

Implement mechanisms for the objective evaluation of projects and decisions at regular intervals.


Facilitate Open Discussions

Create a culture where concerns about ongoing projects can be openly discussed.


Learning from Failure

Foster a learning culture that views redirection or stopping as valuable responses to feedback, not as failures.

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