No. #125

Disposition Effect
- Holding Losers, Selling Winners

The disposition effect is a tendency in investing where investors are more likely to sell assets that have increased in value and hold assets that have decreased in value. This bias can lead to suboptimal investment strategies, affecting financial apps and platforms by influencing user behavior in ways that might not align with their long-term financial goals.

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Product example

Users of an investment app might quickly sell stocks that have gained a little but hold onto those that are losing value, hoping they will rebound, often to the detriment of their portfolio's overall performance.

Empathy tips


Educate on Investment Strategies

Provide educational content that helps users understand and combat the disposition effect.


Performance Tracking Tools

Offer tools that allow users to track the long-term performance of their investments, highlighting the benefits of patience and strategic holding.


User Alerts for Bias

Implement alerts that notify users when they're making decisions that align with the disposition effect.


Behavioral Insights in Reporting

Incorporate behavioral insights into user reports to help them recognize and adjust for the disposition effect.

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