No. #86

- Belief in the Decline of Society

Declinism is the belief that society is in decline, which can influence how users perceive the world and interact with products designed to solve societal problems. This bias can affect the marketing and adoption of products aimed at improvement or progress.

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Product example

Users may be skeptical of a new sustainability app’s impact, believing that environmental decline is inevitable.

Empathy tips


Counteract with Positive Data

Present data and stories that counteract declinism and highlight positive change.


Focus on Individual Impact

Emphasize the individual’s ability to make a difference through product use.


Community Success Stories

Share success stories from the community to inspire action and hope.


Educational Content

Provide educational content on historical progress and the potential for positive impact.

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Anna Lundqvist
UX Designer and AI Ethics Strategist guiding innovative product development and educational workshops
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Eddy Salzmann
Design lead and team culture enthusiast driving products and design processes
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Ola Möller
Founder of MethodKit who has a passion for organisations and seeing the big picture
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