No. #138

Belief Bias
- Logic Subordinated to Beliefs

Belief bias is the tendency to judge the strength of arguments based on the believability of their conclusion rather than on whether the arguments are logically sound. This can impact user perceptions and decisions, especially in areas involving complex information or controversial topics.

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Product example

In a discussion forum on environmental policy within a news app, users might dismiss well-argued positions that conflict with their pre-existing beliefs.

Empathy tips


Foster Critical Thinking

Encourage critical thinking and the evaluation of arguments based on their merits rather than preconceived beliefs.


Promote Diverse Perspectives

Expose users to a range of perspectives to challenge and broaden their understanding.


Moderation for Constructive Dialogue

Implement moderation policies that promote constructive dialogue and discourage dismissal of arguments based solely on disagreement with the conclusion.


Educational Content on Logical Reasoning

Provide educational content aimed at enhancing users' logical reasoning and argument evaluation skills.

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