No. #104

Barnum Effect
- Personal Validation from Vague Statements

The Barnum effect refers to the tendency for people to accept vague, general personality descriptions as uniquely applicable to themselves. This can influence user engagement in areas like personality tests, horoscopes, or marketing messages, where users feel a personal connection to the content.

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Product example

Users might feel a strong personal connection to the results of a broadly applicable personality test in an app, enhancing engagement.

Empathy tips


Tailor Content Carefully

Carefully tailor content to avoid misleading users with too-general statements.


Clear Descriptions

Provide clear, specific descriptions of product features and outcomes.


User Feedback on Relevance

Collect user feedback on the relevance and accuracy of personalized content.


Educate About Bias

Educate users on the Barnum effect to help them critically evaluate the information and its applicability.

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