No. #116

Appeal to Novelty
- Bias Towards the New

The appeal to novelty is the tendency to prefer something solely because it is new or appears to be new. This can impact product marketing and development, where new features or products may be favored over existing ones without adequate justification.

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Product example

A tech company may constantly add new features to an app, believing users will prefer it for its novelty, potentially at the expense of usability or stability.

Empathy tips


Balance Innovation and Usability

Balance the introduction of new features with the maintenance of usability and stability.


User Feedback on Novelty

Collect user feedback specifically regarding the appeal of novelty versus the usefulness of features.


Educate on Novelty Bias

Educate the development team on the appeal to novelty bias and its potential drawbacks.


Long-term Value Focus

Focus marketing and development on long-term value rather than novelty alone.

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