No. #136

Ambiguity Effect
- Avoidance of Uncertain Options

The ambiguity effect is the tendency to avoid options for which the probability of a favorable outcome is unknown. This can lead users to prefer familiar but less beneficial options over unfamiliar, potentially more advantageous choices in products, services, and information seeking.

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Product example

When presented with two investment options on a platform, one well-known but with modest returns and another unknown but with potentially higher returns, users may choose the former to avoid ambiguity.

Empathy tips


Clarify Information

Provide clear and comprehensive information to reduce ambiguity around new or unfamiliar options.


Risk Education

Educate users about risk management and the potential benefits of exploring ambiguous options.


User Support and Guidance

Offer support and guidance to help users make informed decisions in the face of ambiguity.


Feedback Loops

Implement feedback loops to gather insights on user decisions and refine the presentation of options.

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