No. #106

Actor-Observer Bias
- Differing Perspectives on Actions and Motives

The actor-observer bias involves a tendency for people to attribute their own actions to situational factors, while attributing others’ actions to their personalities. This can affect team dynamics and user interactions, where misunderstandings and misattributions lead to conflict or frustration.

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Product example

In team settings, a member might justify their own late project contributions to external factors but see others’ delays as laziness or lack of commitment.

Empathy tips


Encourage Empathy and Understanding

Foster an environment that encourages empathy and seeks to understand the situational factors affecting team members.


Diverse Perspective Sharing

Create opportunities for sharing diverse perspectives to bridge understanding gaps.


Feedback and Dialogue

Encourage open feedback and dialogue to address and rectify attribution disparities.


Awareness Workshops

Conduct workshops to increase awareness of the actor-observer bias and its effects.

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