No. #165

- Inattention to Details Leads to Memory Lapses

Absent-mindedness refers to lapses in memory and attention that occur when one's focus is divided or when one is paying attention to the wrong aspects of an environment. This can influence user experiences with digital products, where distractions or poorly designed interfaces can lead to errors or reduced comprehension.

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Product example

Users may forget to save their work in an app if the save function is not prominently featured or if they are distracted by other features.

Empathy tips


Minimize Distractions

Design interfaces to minimize distractions and highlight critical actions.


Clear User Prompts

Implement clear prompts and reminders for important actions or information.


User Testing for Attention

Conduct user testing to identify points of inattention or distraction.


Simplify Interface Design

Simplify interface design to focus user attention on critical tasks and information.

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